Long span shelving system for manual picking.


Unishelf is the ultimate solution for long span systems. Featuring a 70mm high beam, this system can reach clear bay spans of up to 3000mm with remarkable load bearing capacities. The frame depths range from 400 to 1200mm, making UNISHELF one of the most versatile longspan products on the market.

Unishelf naturally inherits all of the best characteristics of the METALSISTEM products such as:

  • Height Pitch 33mm system;
  • Fully galvanised components;
  • High grade structural steel – certified with the 3.1 certificate in accordance with the EN10204 standards;
  • Few bolts translates to fast product assembly adding to this product safety and convenience.

This solution is ideal for manual picking applications where deep shelves and wide bays are needed for example for large boxes, crates, cartons and other bulky items. METALSISTEM’s Unishelf long span system can also be equipped with a whole set of accessories, specific for each type of application such as dividers, hung garments accessories, plastic bins, 50% perforated panels for fire regulations compliance and more.

Cost effectiveness, ease of assembly and flexibility are the key advantages of METALSISTEM’s Unishelf long span system.

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