Reference Project made from METALSISTEM's UNIRACK and SUPER-6 product series

Multi-Tier Installation for the Storage of Spare Parts

We are pleased to share new photos of a major reference installation that have just arrived to us, by courtesy of one of our international trade partners.

This warehouse has been achieved for a company that is in the business of spare parts for the automotive industry. As you can see, there is a large range of different items of varying sizes and dimensions to be stored.

This project has been designed this project as a multi-tier installation using METALSISTEM's UNIRACK and SUPER-6 product series, covering a total surface of exceeding 900 m², with frame heights of 7 metres.

The installation also includes an elevator to ensure best material handling procedures. The whole project has been designed, calculated, specified, supplied and erected in fully autonomy by our local trade partner and its team of highly skilled professionals.

We have heard that the final customer has been completely astonished with the final result. No wonder!

Our sincere congratulations for this excellent result which is a further enrichment of our portfolio of reference installations throughout the world!

METALSISTEM - Reference Installation (.pdf)

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